In memoriam

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Laurence B. Didion, our fomer president of IFWP, has written some beautiful and shared feelings about our missed friend and companion Karlo.

We will never honour him as much as he deserved.


"Several years ago, as I was coming to visit the IFWP Swedish club PhotoNatura for the first time, an unknown member and his wife volunteered to put me up for a few nights. I did not know then that I was meeting my best photography partner, a man like no one I ever met before. His name was Karlo Pesjak, he was buried some weeks ago and many nature photographers, not only in Sweden, already miss him as much as I do.

We all try to live a loving life, to ve a loving individual. We help others to show our love and to be loved in return. I discovered with time that for Karlo, helping was just motivated by the pleasure of sharing life with fellow humans. He did not try, did not want, was not passionate or excited.

He was simply in love with all forms of live: you, me, this couple walking down the street, this plant here, the fox there, or anything animal, vegetal or ethereal as a beautiful landscape. And because joy suffused his relationship to the whole world he had a great warm sense of humour that showed in his images and in the way he talked about them. Though his eyes, a water spider became a satellite in the night sky, the viewer was turned into a voyeur witnessing two crows private life, common months turned into out-of-space aliens.

His love of life, his trust, allowed him to try and try again, and that is what made him so creative. It is only now,, missing him, that I realise that his art was deeply suffused by his very unique personality. It is only now that I realise how much we (I) can learn from him in relation to creativity and what being a (nature) photographer is about.

I am sure Karlo would smilingly agree with Oscar Wilde saying: «Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. »

Laurence B. Didion"


 Photo. Karlo Pesjak


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We are pleased to welcome ASAFONA to our IFWP!!!


ASAFONA is an association from Aragón, in Spain, a nature photographer’s association founded more than 10 years ago.


They are a very active association, they work with their own magazine and publications, that can be seen in this link


To know more about the new members of the IFWP please check their website or find them at their Facebook page



Report 37th Congress pdf

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After 36 years of IFWP existence, as had been announced in 2015 offering support to any new coming team, the board resigned in October 2016 and decided to terminate the Federation in november 2016. One of the problems of the Federation was clearly that the news didn´t reach the end members or individual members of association belonging to IFWP. So, a small team with common thoughts about what the Federation should be, knew about the decission and, a bit late, decided to try a new stage. It was november and the exit president, Mrs. Laurence Didion received our new board proposal and, as she was the only legal representative until liquidation, wrote to the members for a General Assembly. The members voted and approved the new council and Laurence reported to the Police Administration in France, where the IFWP is registered, the new board election.
And here is when our work starts, lots of confusion at the begining, few information flow, lots of things coming and going. We thank Laurence and Ernst Lopez their help is this surpass although is hasn´t been easy and the information sometimes didn´t reach one or another side.
The fact is that our treasurer, Svend Erik Westh Hansen still cannot operate and manage our bank account after 10 months and still depends on Ernst López, which kindly operates, but is an irregular situation.
We have had problems with our website and had to make strong cleaning of hidden parts and permissions. Now is fully operative.
Our compromise was crearly announced and now you have from us this general purposes:

  • We will keep all the IFWP regular activities.
  • We will promote our members interchange of information and knowledge of activities in the associations.
  • We will effort in conservation and solidar activities.
  • We will do whatever the majority of our memebers consider that is good for IFWP.



Members knowledge and interchange of information. This is a main thing to promote, our associations members want to know from one to each other, activities, competitions, meetings... It is VERY IMPORTANT that the delegates effort in achieving that IFWP information reaches the individual members. Website, newsletters, mails... each association has to make the flow of the information to and from IFWP. This is our main purpose for 2018. The information has to flow. We will welcome any news coming from our associations members and will upload to our website and Facebook pages. In some associations there is a person in charge of sending us a brief about their activities and we strongly reccommend to effort in this.



We were only three members of the board, our secretary Anita Campbell, our vicepresident Pål Hermansen and our president José B. Ruiz, but the meeting was highly effective in terms of frinendship, present and future plans, balance of the first months representing our fedration... Several days in FVLC Foundation from hides for conservation in which there was time for everything, working and photographing. This report reflects many of our ideas and soon we´ll call for voting some of them to all members. It had no cost for the federation.



It has taken a huge effort from our small website team and manager, all volunteers, to clean and update the IFWP website. It has been a slow process, but nobody is in a hurry for the moment. Now we have a clean operative website updated frequntly with news and more information. This is a MAIN TOOL for us, so that everyone can find information there.



Everobody seems to have a facebook page but the Federation at the beginning of this stage. There was an active one for some members raised by the BVNF member Dirk Cleiren from Belgium. Thanks to his colaboration we have now three facebook pages.
This is the one linked to the website, its purpose is to spread the news uploaded and to make easy following and sharing.

IFWP Fanpage

There is one more participative for members sharing and pictures uploading.

IFWP Meeting Group
And one for the conservation group and their present and future projects and achievements.
IFWP Conservation Fanpage



In this stage we are very unhappy to have missed our Austrian association VTNÖ, it is always sad to say goodbye to companions. Then the Polish association ZPFP came back with Dorota Kycia as delegate and so did the French association ASCPF with Sandrine Testaz as delegate. A new club from Spain AFEP enjoyed us and now ASAFONA, also from Spain in is the process. Even with all those friends in the Federation our feeling is still sad for the lost one.
We expect some clubs to come, specially for our conservation and teaching activities, maybe then we can face a participative european conservation project with our photographs.
One of the new council activity, specially our president, is to meet the members, and it has been very useful those invitations from the Corwall Wildlife Trust Photo Club members, with a great convivence and total
friendship experience, also meetings in Finland with the president and vice of the associations memebers, and soon in Poland in the Festival Visions of Nature 2017. In those activities our board members cannot receive any fee or payment, even if they are involved in presentations or workshops. Another important meetings were at Glazlichter festival, were IFWP was presented and many german photographers were interested and also in Denmark at the Fotofestival in Aqua center Silkeborg were Sandra Bartocha, German GDT vicepresident was highly interested in our activities that were presented also in the festival presentation. We are closer to be atractive to both German and Italian main associations, which is always interesting.



We thank José Pesquero and his platform for competitions online Pixall for the great help holding our IFWP 2017 Wildlife Photograph of the Year. We had two volunteers to manage the competition, Maruchi and Vicente who have done a GREAT JOB. Without their assistance it couldn´t have been done. We all should thank them for this.
We had the highest prizes ever this year, 3.000 euro for the absolute winner and 500 for the Young edition winner. Finally thanks to PHOTOPILLS APP that has sponsored, it will be cash for the adult winner and books for the young winner. The exhibition will be shown in the congress and we have produced an audiovisual to be hold in Youtube, Vimeo and shared.



We had no offer for our 37th IFWP Congress and there has been a reason, which is this new stage, the starting confusion and a late call. Finally AEFONA was requested to do and accepted. Thanks to this association we have in Bocairent, Valencia, Spain a congress with not many participants but plenty of activities, hides, nocturnal workshop, macro facilities, old town visit, models for portraits... and many of them for free as the town council has been extremely generous. We thank ASCPF for sending a nice presentation that approaches our french friends to the congress participants.



From our IFWP 2017 Wildlife Photograph of the Year competition we have produced an exhibition and an audiovisual. We will soon spread and share them.



One of the first issues was to develop a conservation team, with two AEFONA members in charge. Their first job has been the IFWP Ethics review. No rules, but reccommendations and examples to our members. Then came the idea of Hides for conservation project to help Foundations to manage and buy more land for conservation. It has started very promisingly with two offers from Spanish conservation initiatives.



It was part of our starting proposal. It is ready, lots of lessons translated to english to share about techniques and composition in wildlife photography. In days will be available in our website an facebook pages.



We always welcome volunteers specially for website proofing, conservation... 2018 congress organization request will be opened soon, please keep in mind for offering hosting.



We want 2018 to be the year that we are fully operative as a board and as a Federation. We expect to accomplish the members better knowledge of the others, better organized activities, some sponsors and even some photo meetings in different countries. We expect to have some new council members and to strengthten the relationships. Soon we will make a General Assembly online and make voting proposals for our memebers in order to decide about present and future plans. It can be a good idea to promote a delegates meeting in one of our Foundation reserves and IFWP to cover a part of the expenses as
they are key for the increase of contact and info flow.



We are doing well, with very few expenses and good incomes from clubs and sponsor. Next year it will be even better and we will be able to spend some money to help the congress hosting, to organize another conservation campaign about waste and some new things. We have now more than 5.000 euro and still have some income to arrive.

Method by José B. Ruiz

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This is the teaching method by José B. Ruiz, translated from Spanish, which had more than 5 million downloads and was teached online for a full year in 42 sessions, 5 hour each:

Un año de Fotografía

Those contents have been created and shared to IFWP members for free and are licensed Creative Commons, can be shared to learn but not to make money earning with them.
All pictures copyright José B. Ruiz.


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 Welcome to the new International Federation of Wildlife an nature Photography's website. Ok, the name is long but it does define precisely who we are since 1980. Until now, IFWP has been very much oriented towards its clubs. But things are changing and we are now starting a new life, really opening to the world with a site striving to bring a lot of useful information and images to all friends of nature practicing photography or just dreaming about it, anywhere in the world.

This website is entirely managed by our volunteers, all passionate photographers themselves. Most articles are from our clubs' photographers too or kindly provided by friendly magazines from different countries. We will bring news as they come, on all subjects related to our common passion. So, click the RSS button to keep in touch.

But first of all…





All photos on this site are here for your pleasure and information, protected by their authors copyright. These photographers have worked to get them and make them so that you enjoy them. Please respect their work and don't download any image without its author's consent. Thank you.