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Last January a new platform for young nature photographers was born thanks to 4 people who are deeply connect to photography and nature: Mónica Busquets, Jon A. Juarez, Sergio MarijuánandAdelina Sánchez.

This platform aims to promote respect and love for our environment, but also discovering and showing all its treasures and biodiversity through the photos taken by the upcoming photographers.



Youngnaturephotographers seeks a virtual space via an online community, as well as a platform to facilitate connections and meetings among all members. We want to support the discovery of new environments and the development of creativity and artistic sensibility without forgetting all environmental and conservationist values.


Today our community is based on social media, with Instagram as our busiest platform. Every day @youngnaturephotographers publishes one of the many posted photos by our members (#youngnaturephotographers)



Some of the most active members are: Paloma Lario, Lluc Semis, Marc and Laura Albiac, David Guisande, Sabin Infante, Victor Ortega (Spain), Laurent Dumas (France), Toby Pickard (UK), Ashleigh Scully, Carolina Fraser (USA), Ingo Zahlheimer (Germany), Sara Skidell (Sweden), ... among the almost 700 members.


Besides the daily posts, there are ruffles backed by our partners. To participate one has to be 25 or younger and label their photos with our hashtag. All the photos posted from our members are shown also on Facebook, a very interesting platform full of shared articles and





Right on top of our ToDo list there is a new website for our community and a first international meeting planned for this autumn in Berlin (Germany).


Younger than 25 or not we are gonna be happy if you follow us!


Info and contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.