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We are very proud to welcome the Association of Slovenian Nature Photographers to our IFWP!!!


The Association was founded on April 5, 2017 in Ljubljana, where is based.


The Association of Nature Photographers of Slovenia encourage the photographers to improve nature photography and take care of nature conservation.


The purpose of the association is to promote and popularize author nature photography and to create a positive attitude to it, with pictures of nature in society organizing photo contests, exhibitions, screenings and conferences among photographers, to increase interest and make this style of photography more popular and, at the same time, increasing the formation of the members of the association and the community in general.


Until February 15, you have time to participate in their contest Nature Photography of the Year. And, if you want to know our new colleagues much better, this is their website:


We hope you will develop your projects with us and do not hesitate to suggest us any initiative for makig our Federation stronger. 


Welcome ASNP!!!