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Dear friends and companions, it is our pleasure to send you an IFWP newsletter again.

We expect from you, delegates, to make sure that our information reaches your members via Mail, Website news, Association Newsletter, Facebook of the association... It is important for our future to keep all informed and connected. Please contact to your respective board members or person in charge of sending/uploading news in your own associations.

We will welcome any news coming from our associations members and will upload to our website and Facebook pages. In some associations there is a person in charge of sending us a brief about their activities.

We have had some problems with our website. Our team has been solving them for some days. Our website is based in Joomla, not easy to find experts. Now is working fine. We are updating contents step by step.

  • Clubs welcome. We are very happy to welcome back ZPFP the Polish Association of Nature Photographers and to welcome a new one, AFEP, Pure State Photography Association, from Asturias Spain. We have more clubs about to come, just complimenting our requests.
  • Competition. It is planned to start in 1st May 2017 and end by 10th June 2017. Our rules have been reviewed and approved by the council, the categories extended to 8, the prizes highly improved and we are contacting the jury members and the manager of the competition. Very soon it will be announced and linked in our website and Pixall platform.
  • Congress. Expected to be at the end of September. We are still expecting some proposals of associations members to organize it.
  • Facebook pages. Thanks to Dirk Cleiren from Belgium (BVNF) we have now three Facebook pages, one more focused to spread our news from the website, another more participative for members sharing and one for the conservation group activities.           

       Fanpage IFWP

       Facebook Group IFWP Meetings

       Fanpage IFWP Conservaton

  • Teaching. Very soon we start to upload photographic lessons in our website. This is a free service to support all those photographers getting started and also those who want to keep growing. Is importatnt that this information reaches to all our individual members, who are the final users of the project.
  • Conservation. We start a new project called “Agreements for Conservation”. It has our council approval and is opened to all members for cooperation.
    The idea is to make special agreements with conservation Foundations and associations that own land in order to build hides and allow them to get income from our photographers. The requests are:
           - Land owned or managed by conservation initiatives.
           - They have to manage all permissions for photographing wildlife.
           - With stablished fixed prizes for the hides hiring we contribute to their incomes for conservation, helping them to preserve, buy more land...
           - Promote nature photography.
           - Promote the use between our members.
           - Special fees, conditions and discounts for our members.

    We are starting with Victoria Laporta Foundation, in Alicante, Spain. Soon there will be a complete article about species, hides, how to get there... Some of our     members from several countries have tried already the hides as they were in Alicante for holidays: Fundación Victoria Laporta


We hope this mail finds everyone ok. Best Wishes.