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Dear IFWP members, it is our pleasure to announce that our friends from the French club ASCPF are back in our Federation. We are very proud to welcome this association and to thank their involvement in organizing congresses and activities in the past.

We also welcome AFEP Spain. AFEP (Asociación Fotografía en Estado Puro) means Photography in pure state, their works are Photoshop Free. This is a club with 42 members and growing, recintly created in Asturias. Their aim is to promote activities to teach its members and to promote nature and landscape conservation through photography. They have a Facebook group with lots of followers.

Our president has recently visited the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Photo Club. As well as for strengthen friendship the activities allowed to collect some money for the Trust thanks to Dave Thomas, Adrian Langdon, Delia Trathen and David Chapman. In those visits to clubs no payment is done, the activities organized are to help the club activities and to cover expenses of travel and accommodation, no fees. This year the agenda will allow also visits to NFD Denmark, Fotonatura Sweden, FNPA Finland, PNF Finland and all those based in Spain with no cost for the Federation.


  Photo: Peter Glaser