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All the news published in our website during 2013 show the amount of achievements AEFONA has reached during this year.  These would have not been possible without the determination and delivery of a large number of fellow members who beyond their busy daily life tasks have been generous enough so as to offer their free time and thus contribute with their skills and experience in order to reach very important results. Among those, we do highlight the following ones :

- AEFONA has become official member of IFWP. Our Association and our members are thus full members of the International Federation of Wildlife Photographers. We will be contributing to their website with our news and, also, with our member’s on-going projects updates.
- AEFONA has been accepted, as well, as a full member of the CEF, the Spanish Confederation for Photography. The efforts undertaken by our Vice President Joan Gil have succeeded.
- Agenda LNH Iris on-line magazine has been launched. The journal is directed by Javier Alonso, Marián Sáenz-Diez being his main collaborator. The on-line magazine which will be published every two months aims to disseminate our work, and on-going projects, as well as any activity AEFONA’s members might be involved in. Needless to say that you are all invited to submit your work to the next issues, as we have an international guest in each number.
- On the other hand, we have reached a very important agreement with Air Berlín and Sura Business travel agency, so that our members will be able to enjoy important benefits such as : flexibility in the weight of cabin luggage, advantageous prices as regards trips, and incredible travel discounts when purchasing airplane tickets to the Balearic Islands. It should be emphasized that the agreement is still open so that we keep working on new future advantages.
- As well, fellow members of AEFONA have recently met in Noja and Bioparc Valencia. The success of this event lied on the sum of efforts by all volunteers who participated in the organization and the papers' delivery by prestigious photographers.
- The prestigious international photography contest Montphoto brings about a great novelty for AEFONA this year, since it offers us to have our own membership contest within the overall event.
- AEFONA will contribute to the maintenance of Campanarios de Alzaba reserve which is owned by the Foundation Naturaleza y Hombre. This will mean AEFONA’s members will enjoy exclusive access to the hides area.
- The Society will co-organize the international event WILD10 devoted to photography and nature conservation. Not only our audio-visual will be presented at the opening ceremony but also we will be giving a paper on our society as a model to follow in other countries.
- As regards our solidarity program, new case studies have been resolved very satisfactorily. Our human chain that helps colleagues with few or none resources is proving to be effective and has become one of the achievements AEFONA is most proud of. It is without doubt an example at an international level.
- The audio-visual "The inner Light" ("La luz interior") has already been projected in many festivals at national and international level.
- A large number of sponsors have been committed to our activities during this year.
- Also, the number of our committees is increasing which is the most reliable indicator of the greater participation and cohesion among them.
- We have launched our high quality Book-Portfolio, which includes a high number of striking and awesome images together with a section of award-winning photos, and private portfolios.
- This year the twenty-first Congress of Aefona will be held in Corella between 1st and 3rd November, coordinated by Eduardo Blanco. It will be particularly special because our Association celebrates its 20th anniversary. Throughout these days, many colleagues will present their work and activities. There will be various stands and we will be honoured by the presence of national and international high level contributors and speakers.


News about our website :

- We have updated our Photo Gallery with a more contemporary look. The design’s site has been developed by Bluekea in collaboration with our steering committee member Mabel Jover.
- Together with the renewal of the photo gallery, the Forum platform has been reworked by including Naturforo AEFONA, chaired by our fellow member Carlos Dorado.
- Our new on-line shop will allow members to purchase a full range of products with great advantages. Part of the benefits will be aimed at funding many Society's projects. It should be pointed out that this has been a main achievement by our Vice President Joan Gil, which will allow disseminating our publications and products to larger audiences.



Other news :

- Last but not least, we have broken our members’ number record. While three years ago the association had just over 200 members, now we have reached the figure of 490 associates, which is the highest one since AEFONA exists. Even better is the fact that new members are entering every day, a fact that will contribute to strengthen our partnership and initiatives.

A salute to the organizations represented at IFWP.


Teresa Huguet