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 IFWP Photograph of the Year and IFWP Young Photographer's Award


Jury members:
David Maitland (Wildlife Photographer, GB), Jonathan Lhoir (Wildlife Photographer Fr/ B)
and Keith Wilson (editor Wild Planet magazine)


IFWP Photograph of the Year 2016

Christoph Ruisz, VTNÖ, Austria - White Beauty


Category Birds

1st prize - Anna-LiisaPirhonen, FNPA, Finland - Willow Tit


2nd prize - Felipe Foncueva, AEFONA, Spain - Dive 


3rd prize - Ann Coppens, BVNF, Belgium - Dancing the macho


Category Mammals

1st prize - Christoph Ruisz, VTNÖ, Austria - White Beauty


2nd prize - Adrian Davey, CWTPG, Cornwall - Fox on the Rocks


3rd prize - EspenBergersen, NN, Norway -  Lucky herring


Category Insects &  Arachnids

1st prize Günter Gailberger, VTNÖ, Autria - Long time painting


2nd prize Norbert Kaszás, FNH, Hungary - Lightness


3rd prize  Bernhard Schubert, VTNÖ, Austria - Blue Ground Beetle


Category Other Animals

1st - Bernhard Schubert, VTNÖ, Austria - Fire Salamander larvae


2nd - Xavier HitaCanela, AEFONA, Spain - Light spiral


3rd Jaroslav Subjak, SAFP, Slovakia - I am flying


Category Plants & Fungi

1st prize -Johan van de Watering, BVNF, Belgium - Nature fireworks


2nd prize - Javier Herranz Casellas, AEFONA, Spain - Soft blue


3rd prize - Kai Jensen, NN, Norway - Birchtrees


Category Landscapes

1st prize - Jukka Repo, FNPA, Finland - Under ice


2nd prize - Milan Čierny, SAFP, Slovakia - On the hunt


3rd prize - Peter Fodor, SAFP, Slovakia - Clouds versus branches


Category Composition & Forms

1st prize - Oscar Diez, AEFONA, Spain - Hot and cold


2nd prize - Xavier Mas Ferrá, AEFONA, Spain - Spiral


3rd prize - José Antonio Hernández Cabello, AEFONA, Spain - Bengalas vegetales


IFWP Young Photographer's Award

Winner Lasse Kurkela (born year 2003) of FNPA, Finland.