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Overall Winner


Matti Pukki, FNPA, Finland - Artistic Flight of the Seagulls


Category Birds

1st prize - Tommi Kuisma, FNPA, Finland - Meeting of the Red-throated Divers


2nd prize -Leo Vuorinen, FNPA, Finland - Eagle Owl and Stars


3rd prize - Robert Zöhrer, VTNÖ, Austria - Fishing Arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea)


Category Mammals

1st prize - Gerhard Kummer, VTNÖ, Austria - Too fat


2nd prize - Leopold Kanzler, VTNÖ, Austria - The street lamp cleaner


3rd prize - Robert Haasmann, VTNÖ, Austria - Mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei)


Category Insects &  Arachnids

1st prize Filip van Boven, BVNF, Belgium - Orange tip (Anthocharis cardamines)


2nd prize ex aequo Norbert Kaszás FNH, Hungary - Dancing on the water


2nd ex aequo Juhani Kosonen FNPA, Finland - Mosquito and Sunshine


Category Other Animals

1st - Jo Bogaerts, BVNF, Belgium - Ground Agama, Quiver Tree Forest, Namibia


2nd - Horst Ender, VTNÖ, AustriaGrass snake - (Natrix helvetica)


3rd ex aequo Daniel Jara, AEFONA, Spain - Ghost crab


3rd ex aequo Salvador Colvée, AEFONA, Spain - Smile


Category Plants & Fungi

1st prize - Michael Schober, VTNÖ, Austria - African montane forest


2nd prize - Markku Miettinen, FNPA, Finland - Pulsatilla vernalis


3rd prize - Erich Kuchling, VTNÖ, Austria - Colour Fantasy


Category Landscapes

1st prize - Robert Haasmann, VTNÖ, Austria - Taugl (river in Austria)


2nd prize - José Luis Llopis AEFONA, Spain - White storm


3rd prize - Alain Chappuis, ASPN, Swiss - Hoarfrost


Category Composition & Forms

1st prize - Matti Pukki, FNPA, Finland - Artistic Flight of the Seagulls


2nd prize - Carol Thoelen, BVNF, Belgium - Ballet of Dalmatian pelicans (Pelecanus crispus)


3rd prize - Swa Bouvé, BVNF, Belgium - Moss and a blade of grass