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IFWP competition 2005 results

Photo jury

- Nadine Fouchet, management of the Regional Parc of Brière
- Nicolas Legal, guide in the Regional Parc of Brière
- Alain Guillou, artist

 IFWP Image of the Year 2005

ifwp2005 oanim1-lsu
"In Ambush" Laszlo Suhayda, Foto Natura Hungary

 » 2005 category 1. Birds

ifwp2005 birds1-agr
1. "Kiss"  Arto Griinari, FNP Finland

ifwp2005 birds1-aha
2. "Brown harrier" Asko Hämäläinen, FNP Finland

ifwp2005 birds3-aim
3. "Take Off" Mrs Aniko Imréné, FN Hungary

 » 2005 category 2. Mammals

ifwp2005 mammals1-bna
1. "Mountain fox"  Baard Naess, NN Norway

ifwp2005 mammals2-jsz
2. "Tit colony on the deer" Janos Szekeres, FN Hungary

ifwp2005 mammals3-hhu
3. "Hare" Hannu Huttu, FNP Finland

 » 2005 category 3. Other animals

ifwp2005 oanim1-lsu
1. "In ambush" Laszlo Suhayda, FN Hungary

ifwp2005 oanim2-ikn
2. "The hunter" Ivan Knaze, SKFP Slovakia

ifwp2005 oanim3-lru
3. "Dragonflies in flight" Leif Rustand, NN Norway

» 2005 category 4. Plants and Fungi

ifwp2005 plants1-kpe
1. "Allium ursinum" Karlo Pesjak, Photo Natura Sweden

ifwp2005 plants2-ohe
2. "Nettle" Olivier Hervieu, ASCPF France

ifwp2005 plants3-aim
3. "Triplets" Mrs Aniko Imréné, FN Hungary

 » 2005 category 5. Landscape

ifwp2005 landsc1-msc
1. "The Baltic" Mateusz Sciborski, ZPFP Poland

ifwp2005 landsc2-mre
2. "Foggy landscape" Magnus Reneflot, NN Norway

ifwp2005 landsc3-pju
3. "Morning light" Peter Jurik, SKFP Slovakia

 » 2005 category 6. Composition and Form

ifwp2005 form1-gmu
1. "Golden frost" György Müller, FN Hungary

ifwp2005 form2-lru
2. "Ice reflection" Leif Rustand, NN Norway

ifwp2005 form3-lsi
3. "Argument" Lauri Sippu, FNP Finland

 » 2005 category 7. Ours responsability towards Nature

ifwp2005 resp1-igr
1. "End of the road" Ireneusz Graff, ZPFP Poland

ifwp2005 resp2-hhu
2. "Junk Food" Hannu Huttu, FNP Finland

ifwp2005 resp3-lsu

3. "Vitality" Laszlo Suhayda, FN Hungary