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IFWP competition 2002 results


Image of the Year 2002

Birger Areklett, Norske Naturfotografer Norway -  "Ice"

Category 1  Birds

    1. Kevin Cormier, ASCPF France: "Gentoo penguins"
    2. Stefan Ragenius, PN Sweden: "Crested Tit"
    3. Leif Rustand, NN Norway: "Crested Tit"

Category 2  Mammals

    1. Han Meeuwsen, NiB The Netherlands: "Long eared bat"
    2. Joonas Lahti, FNPA Finland: "Reindeer"
    3. Stig Tronvold, NN Norway: "Arctic fox"

Category 3  Other animals (reptiles, amphibia, insects etc.)

    1. Hans van der Griendt, NiB The Netherlands: "Damsel fly"
    2. Paavo Merikukka, FNPA Finland: "Scarce cooerp"
    3. Artur Tabor, ZPFP Poland: "Moor frogs"

Category 4  Plants and Fungi

    1. Ildikó Herbály Szalánczy, FN Hungary: "In morning dew"
    2. Baard Naess, NN Norway: "Water lily"
    3. Müller György, FN Hungary: "Waltzer"

Category 5  Landscape

    1. Heikki Ketola, FNPA Finland: "Ice"
    2. Müller György, FN Hungary: "Crop"
    3. Martin Borg, PN Sweden: "Byrums raukar"

Category 6  Composition and Form

    1. Birger Areklett, NN Norway: "Ice"
    2. Müller György, FN Hungary: "Leaf"
    3. Herbály Lászlo, FN Hungary: "Painted forest"