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The International Festival of Animal and Nature Photography is an annual event, and takes place in France, Montier-en-Der during the last weekend of Novembrer. The festival is spread across various sites, and presents works from all over the world. Over 2000 photos are being shown every year, both in the indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces. The programme is based mainly on nature and environment subject, each year with different themes. There are also many conferences with well known speakers from the world of science, media and culture.

This year, IFWP post-competition exhibition was shown in Montier-en-Der. For the first time it was exhibited in Pentowo, during the 33rd IFWP Congress in Poland.

Dorota Kycia - Vice President of IFWP

Credit photos : Dorota Kycia

Dorota Kycia Montier 1b Dorota Kycia Montier 7b Montier 3bb Dorota Kycia 8b Dorota Kycia Montier 2b Dorota Kycia Montier 3b Dorota Kycia Montier 5b               Dorota Kycia Montier 6b               Dorota Kycia Montier 9b