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The IFWP Conservation group has started working some weeks ago, but still we are “building our basement”. The coordinators of the group are Iñaki Larrea (Aefona) and Antonio Camacho (Aefona).
First we launched a Facebook page to share our projects, ideas and advances. Please give a Like and follow the group if you are interested in nature conservation. IFWP CONSERVATION
-How to become part?  It is very easy, the group will work with individuals subscribed to it. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and indicate that You (name, association, country) want to join this group and receive information to participate in the proposed projects. This doesn´t compromise you to do anything, but if you want to, you can participate, help…
-How will it work?  Information will be sent via email to all the individual members of the group and also uploaded in our facebook Fanpage.
-What are we going to do?  Everything we can do for nature conservancy. Sharing news and projects from our members, supporting conservation projects from our photographers and also making our own projects. First of our projects will be soon explained to all members, in our website and facebooks, let´s hope we´ll have international wide reach as we expect.
-A very important subject.  We will be specially active in case of an environmental impact (pollution accident or spill, environmental impact...) in any of our European countries. We can provide images and make a difference in nature conservancy. We can also promote as Federation the declaration of new protected areas.
-Our first job.  IFWP Conservation group presents a new decalogue based in our member AEFONA ethic code, which briefcases in 10 points basic and generic aspects. Our decalog is a proposal to all our members and is the official position of the Federation. It has been updated in our webpage and facebook.
Everyone is welcome to join, leadership and participate in this group. Please share this mail to the members of your association via newsletter, mail, news, website, Facebook… so that all can get the information. Thank you for your help.