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The international Federation of Wildlife Photography invites its Member Associations and their members to participate in the IFWP Photograph of the year competition and to the IFWP  Young Photographer's Award, which will both start on January first of 2013  at 0:00 hour and will close on March First,  2013 at 24:00. (Paris time).
The participating images shall be selected by the participating clubs and entered by them only.



C1 – Birds
C2 – Mammals
C3 – Insects and arachnids
C4 – Other Animals
C5 – Plants + Fungi
C6 – Landscapes
C7 – Composition and forms
YPA – Young Photographer's Award

NB : Due to the lack of volunteers and because of the small number of clubs participating last year in relation to the quantity of work involved, there will be no diaporama category in 2013.


NOT accepted are : Photos of animals restricted in their freedom before or during the shot and photos at the nest (with the exception of cliff birds.)
The jury might ask for complementary information (location, permits...) for pictures of species appearing as critically endangered (CR) on the 2012 IUCN red list.


NOT accepted are : landscapes where human presence, activity or intervention play a distinctive role.


Images should express the author's personal vision, creativity, aesthetic choices and photographic venture.


This competition is open only to members of the competing clubs who will be under the age of 25 on the date of closure (March first 2013 at 24:00, Paris time). They should enter a portfolio of their best images taken since February 28th 2011, 00:00, Paris time.


Each portfolio should contain 8 to 10 images, each of which can also be entered individually in any of the 7 categories of the general competition (see above).
Portfolios should not contain more than one picture of the same subject taken during the same session.
One series of 3 successive pictures of the same subject can be included in a portfolio if
•    it shows a behaviour,  
•    the portfolio contains a total of 10 images.

The selection shall demonstrate the overall quality of the production of the author. Diversity is highly recommended.




The IFWP Competition 2013 is open to all clubs who have paid their 2013 IFWP fee by March first 2013, 24.00, Paris time, the closing date of the contest.


Clubs can enter pictures authored by any of their members - amateurs or professionals - abiding to the present rules. The selection of the participating images is left to the club's choice, but an inner competition is highly recommended.

The authors selected by the clubs to compete for the Young Photographer's Award must be under 25 years of age on March first 2013, 24.00, Paris time, closing date of the contest.
Individual participation is not accepted. Members of the IFWP competition organizing committee and their families cannot participate.


Each IFWP member association may enter :
•    up to 5 pictures for each of the categories 1 through 7 ;
•    up to a total of 35 pictures, with a limit of 3 pictures by the same author, for the Photography of the Year Competition ;
•    up to 3 portfolios for the IFWP Young photographer's award, each from a different author.




The Competition Manager of the IFWP Competition 2013 is Ms Marie-Hélène Schmitz (ASCPF).
For any information, send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


On the opening week, each participating association shall provide the name, telephone number(s) and email address of the person in charge of sending its entries (photo files and registration documents). This person will be sent a mail with all the elements to access the uploading space of his/her club on the IFWP's site. Please keep an eye on your mail after the competition has started and put the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in your address book to make sure that our mails are not filtered out.



The IFWP Photograph of the Year competition and the IFWP Young Photographer's Award, welcome all photographs which
•    Abide to the IFWP Ethics Rules as published on /
•    Have been shot after the 28th of February 2011, 24:00, Paris time.
The same image can only be entered once in category 1 to 7, but the Young Photographer's Award's portfolio can include images already entered in these categories
Not accepted are:
•    Images that have already won a prize or have been highly commended in any international competition,
•    Photographs of  captive, domestic or pet animals, or of any cultivated form of a plant,
•    Any image breaching current conservation or animal welfare regulations or considered by the Jury as having been taken in an irresponsible way.



The technical requirements are the same for the IFWP Photograph of the Year competition and the IFWP Young Photographer's Award
Welcome are:
•    Images from digital cameras (digital images)  
•    High quality scans of transparencies and negatives.
NOT accepted are:
•    Analogue images (transparencies, paper prints)


The original, unmodified, file can be asked by the Jury. Make sure to have them available during the 3 weeks following closure of the competition.
They should be the RAW file (NEF, CRW, CR2, PEF...) or —if the camera used does not offer any RAW format — the original, untouched .DNG or .JPG.
Any alteration, compression, or modification of a file makes it non-original and hence not acceptable for Jury checking. In the case of a scan, the original analogue transparency/ negative can be asked by the Jury.


Pictures must be sent as a .jpg file in the highest quality.
Colour space:  sRGB.
Sharpen very lightly and do not interpolate.


•    limited to 15% of the original longest side, free on the shortest;
•    Minimum 2600 pixels on the longest side;
•    85% of the longest side provided by the camera if it is less than 2600 pixels.


All photos must have EXIF information (camera recording of exposure, date).
The Author section of the IPTC data shall be filled including a valid email address.
Not accepted are:
•    Images bearing any distinctive sign, signature or watermark.
A short biography of each author and a description the circumstances of the shots will be needed for public relation and exhibitions of the winners. Please upload them on your club's space on a separate document if possible.



Post processing should be limited to :
•    Removal of artefacts such as dust specs, noise, lens ghosting, chromatic aberration, lens distortion, vignetting ;
•    Global or local corrections in exposure, lighting, white balance, sharpening and saturation ;
•    High Dynamic Range (HDR), Focus Stacking (FS) and combining multiple pictures to form a panorama (P) are allowed, but must be indicated in the file title, using the codes HDR, FS and P ;
•    Multiple exposures are allowed as long as they are made in the same place and the same moment, directly in the camera ;
•    Scans from analogue pictures must be labelled with S ;
•    Also allowed are 'artistic' transformations such as black and white, sepia ;
•    Infra-red and UV exposures must be labelled with IR or UV.
Not accepted is :
•    Adding or removing any element (animals, plants, object, cloud, etc.) ;
•    Combining pictures taken at different times or different places ;
•    Moving picture elements relative to each other.



The Club's Upload Manager must fill out the Competition Form supplied online. The file name is already provided in the form and only the name of the author and the title of the image remain to be specified.
•    A title is part of an author's creation and do play a part in the way an image is perceived. A species name is very important but not always enough as a title. A good title can underline a point of interest, show the humour of a situation, make a feeling more obvious and lead the viewer further into the image.
•    If you use a species name in a title, please make sure that it is the right species: showing curiosity toward the living beings we photograph is part of our ethics rules.
Files names start with “<club code>_IFWP2013_C<category number>_<number>.JPG”. For Example, the third picture in Category 5 could be: “QXP_IFWP2013_C5_3.JPG”. (The club codes are random, so jury members do not know from which club a picture comes.)
For the Portfolios of the Young Photographers Award, the filename includes the portfolio number and the picture number. For example, the 2nd picture of the 3rd portfolio would be:
If a special technique has been used, the title has to be completed accordingly:
"S" for a scan,
"ME" for multiple exposures,
"HDR” for high dynamic range techniques,
"P" for panorama images,
"FS" for focus stacking,
“IR” for infra-red exposure,
“UV” for ultra-violet exposure,
Example: “QXP_IFWP2013_C5_3_P.JPG”



Uploading can start on January first, 2013 and must be completed before March first, 2013, midnight.
The Upload Managers of each club will receive further instructions, the form and credentials before the start of the upload period or as soon as their name, telephone number and email address has been received at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We recommend that the Upload Manager collects the RAW files and slide/negatives (in case we need to check that the entry complies with the rules), at the same time as he collects the files of the entered images and keeps them ready to be sent immediately when requested by the Competition Manager.



he photos and portfolios will be judged by a jury consisting of:
•    Ingo Arndt (Germany)
•    Bryan and Cherry Alexander (GB)
•    David Pattyn (B)
In case a member of the jury is prevented for any reason, he / she may be replaced by another suitable person at short notice.



The jury will select a first, second and third prize in each category. The jury can abstain from awarding any prize if no entry appears to deserve enough.



Winners will receive a certificate. All winners will see their images printed and exhibited during the 2013 IFWP Congress in Biebrzanski National Park, Poland. Thereafter, the exhibit will be made available to all IFWP member associations to be exhibited in their country.


By entering the competition through his/her IFWP member association, each photographer confirms that the photograph entered by this association under his/her name is his/her original work and that he/she is the sole owner of the copyright and that there are no third-party claims.
It is his/her responsibility to obtain releases and consents in written form for publishing, exhibiting and using his/her image if any persons appear in the photograph or if objects in the photograph are subject to the rights of third parties.
The photographer is responsible for obtaining official permits where applicable.
The photographer may be held liable for any damage that the IFWP may experience due to the lack of necessary release forms or missing permits.



Photographs awarded with a prize may be used in the context of the IFWP Competition 2013 and its related public relations during 3 years.
In addition, the IFWP is entitled to exhibit the photograph in any country, for 3 years, to reproduce and distribute it in the form of print media and to use it to advertise the exhibitions and publications, provided that the context of the IFWP Competition 2013 is clearly indicated.
The IFWP is entitled to transfer the above usage rights to third parties for the purpose of providing a printing, web serving or similar service to IFWP and to publications if the pictures are used to illustrate editorial content covering the IFWP Competition.
For the above stated usage rights the photographer cannot claim compensation or a fee of any kind.
In case of inquiries concerning the purchase of usage rights of the awarded photographs, the IFWP will forward the contact details of the interested party to the photographer.
The required prints for the exhibition will be made on the IFWP own expenses or that of third parties eligible for using the photographs.
After the exhibitions have concluded, the IFWP is authorized to sell the prints to interested members of the public. Unsold prints will be destroyed 3 years after the first public exhibition, or offered to a not-for-profit institution as public hospital or school, public retirement home, etc.



Submissions that have not been awarded a prize will be deleted after the award ceremony.



The IFWP cannot accept liability or responsibility for any loss or damage to the photographs entered in the competition.



Submissions that do not fulfil one or more of the competition's requirements will be excluded from the IFWP Competition.
It is the Competition Manager's decision to admit or exclude images whose fulfilment of the necessary requirements may be considered ambiguous. This decision will be final. Legal proceedings are excluded. By submitting images to the competition the participant consents to these competition rules.