The IFWP, International Federation of Wildlife Photography, was founded in 1978, in France.

The Federation is an organization in which associations with similar aims can join. Actually represents 17 European associations and continuously increasing, with more than 5.000 photographers members. It aims to promote ethic nature photography and conservation of habitats and species.


We are all volunteers in the IFWP and give our time and efforts for the common welfare.


Our activities include:

-Information interchange We keep our association members in touch, updated and informed about each other activities and our Federation ones.

-Congress every year in a different country. A meeting of friendship, learning and photography.

-Competition. Every year the Federation holds a competition online.

-Audiovisuals and exhibitions. Not only from our members, the Federation produces regularly its own publications to show and promote our members work.


A new board has started working on 2017 and our plans in short term are: teaching through articles in our website; create a new group called IFWP Conservation; Solidars, a human chain to help photographers who are in special needs of care; and a committee in charge to attend our young photographers´needs and to promote their interests.


We bring high hopes and plenty of ideas. Let´s enjoy together of our common passion!


All photos on this site are protected by their authors legal rights.

We, photographers, have kindly agreed to allow the Federation to show our work.

All of us hope that you enjoy them and that they help to respect and preserve our Nature.

Thank you.


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Laurence B. Didion, our fomer president of IFWP, has written some beautiful and shared feelings about our missed friend and companion Karlo.

We will never honour him as much as he deserved.


"Several years ago, as I was coming to visit the IFWP Swedish club PhotoNatura for the first time, an unknown member and his wife volunteered to put me up for a few nights. I did not know then that I was meeting my best photography partner, a man like no one I ever met before. His name was Karlo Pesjak, he was buried some weeks ago and many nature photographers, not only in Sweden, already miss him as much as I do.

We all try to live a loving life, to ve a loving individual. We help others to show our love and to be loved in return. I discovered with time that for Karlo, helping was just motivated by the pleasure of sharing life with fellow humans. He did not try, did not want, was not passionate or excited.

He was simply in love with all forms of live: you, me, this couple walking down the street, this plant here, the fox there, or anything animal, vegetal or ethereal as a beautiful landscape. And because joy suffused his relationship to the whole world he had a great warm sense of humour that showed in his images and in the way he talked about them. Though his eyes, a water spider became a satellite in the night sky, the viewer was turned into a voyeur witnessing two crows private life, common months turned into out-of-space aliens.

His love of life, his trust, allowed him to try and try again, and that is what made him so creative. It is only now,, missing him, that I realise that his art was deeply suffused by his very unique personality. It is only now that I realise how much we (I) can learn from him in relation to creativity and what being a (nature) photographer is about.

I am sure Karlo would smilingly agree with Oscar Wilde saying: «Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. »

Laurence B. Didion"


 Photo. Karlo Pesjak