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Make sure you read this article published on August 6th by The Guardian after a starved polar bear was found dead in Svalbard : 


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The golden princess's secret revealed

Who has never been fascinated by a female Argiope bruennichi, the beautiful and intriguing wasp spider otherwise so common? Who has never wondered why our golden princesses generally decorate their otherwise rather ordinary web with a particular zigzag ?

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We still know little about animal communication, and science regularly brings its load of amazing news to the layman. Here is some of its latest news.

Mother Mice tell Daddy mice to care for the pups

Mice are non-monogamous in the wild. But when lab mice are housed together with their mates and  pups for a few days, otherwise uninterested fathers can be induced to provide parental care to the pups by ultrasound vocalizations and/or odour emitted by the mothers.

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By Laurent Arthur, Deputy-curator of the Natural History Museum of Bourges (France), author of “Pionniers de la Photographie Animalière.”


Today, the trail of the pioneers of animal photography will lead us to an encounter with the smaller of wildlife representatives: to the world of insects. A universe which, as you will see, created a lot of problems for our ancestors ...

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The use of our hard earned images on Social Media.

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By Adrian Langdon, UK

common dolphins with watermarkMany of us share our images with friends and groups of like-minded people on sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Flickr and it is good to get those pictures off the hard drives and into the world for their appreciation. This is often all there is to it and we get a few “likes” and some praise and everybody goes to bed happy. Other times things can go wrong and we find our photographs turning up in places that we never expected and often without our watermarks and even sometimes credited to others. This happened to me recently when a Facebook thread popped up advertising a Holiday company here in my native Cornwall but featuring one of my dolphin photos in its header. My photo had alongside of it a tagline “Feel free to download this photo by Adrian Langdon”. It had already attracted a couple of thousand downloads so I wrote in the comments section that they had ripped off my photo and it was copyrighted and how did they think they can get away with stealing others work! I then received a fair bit of abuse from people all over the world that had been following the website saying I was over-reacting etc. I did some Googling and finally tracked down their office and wrote them a formal e mail asking them to remove it and asked how they got it in the first place. Surprisingly they did reply and took the photo down from their site and told me that they had taken it from Flickr as they did virtually all their advertising photos saying that they considered them free to use if they were downloadable. I must admit that I didn’t really understand how the copyright preferences on Flickr worked and to this day I’m not sure what mine were set to as I immediately removed all of my images from their site. Taking a look at the site again I still find it difficult to ascertain how to get the most protection of my images, they don’t make it easy! I now try to watermark almost all of my images on social media unless they are so poor I needn’t worry about them. If people want an image enough they will still steal it and Photoshop out the watermark so it is worth considering if you wish to share that “shot of a lifetime”, although by keeping it hidden on your PC nobody else sees it at all…. and was that your original intention?


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A floating hide can be bough or home-made. It should be at the same time light, to carry it around, and stable for your equipmen's safety. Some are created by covering a small boat where you can lie or even sit. Serge Deboffle gives you his tips for using the one he likes best, the very light, very mobile, small ones which hide the photographer and equipment while he/she walks on the bottom of the pond,  like to the one he has built for himself. 

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Hints from Finland

The golden and the necessary rules of hide photography

Commercial hides offer has increased and, as summer arrives, there comes the desire for sensations and images these hides can provide - sometimes for the first time. You can install your own bird or big animal hide, but you must first obtain the necessary authorisations.

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landscapes, wild life, animals and plants, forms and colours.

The BioArtVisual Association invite you to partecipate to 1st BioPhotoContest.
The edition 2014 will have the argument : The temperate forests.

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Open Competition "Visions of Nature" 2017

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From Poland our colleagues present us a highly recommended competition: "Visions of Nature 2017":

"We strongly encourage all nature photographers to participate in this year's open competition "Vision of Nature 2017".

Each year, the most important and exciting event of the International Nature Photography Festival Nature Visions is an open competition for multimedia presentations (diaporam). The aim of the competition is to present the widest range of photographic looks to the wonders of nature. By combining the image with the music, the authors have a unique opportunity to show their own vision of the beauty of nature on a large screen in an original and exciting way, which will fall into the memory of the audience gathered for a long time.

Deadline for submissions is October 16, 2017.

Applications entitled "Visions of Nature 2017" can be sent by:

  • Mail or courier services to: Jerzy Łapiński ul. Lebiodowa 17z 04-674 Warsaw (on CD / DVD).
  • E-mail to the Organizer's address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (the addressee confirms receipt the application).
  • Virtual disks such as: Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Wetransfer with a link to the Organizer's address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Addressee confirms receipt of the application.

The winner of the Grand Prix will receive the main prize - the CANON EOS 7D Mark II. The sponsor of this award is CANON Poland.
In total, the value of material prizes in this year's competition will amount to about 15 thousands zł.

For more information: ZPFP "Visions of Nature" 2017

We invite you to participate in the contest!


Vision of Nature 2016

Vision of Nature 2016

2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year Competition

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The International Federation of Wildlife and Nature Photography invites our members of each association to participate in the 2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year Competition, open from 1st of May 2017 at zero hour to 10th of June 2017 at midnight.

The 2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year Competition is open to all participants officially registered in an IFWP association at the date of entry.

It is an online competition, the participants shall select and upload their images in this site:

All uploaded images must have been taken after 10th of June 2013 at midnight.

There are several categories for different disciplines in nature photography in which photographers of any age can participate and IFWP will announce a Category winner, and 3 Finalist in each category in both Editions, General and Young (born after 1996).

From the category winners the jury will chose the picture to be the 2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year in both Editions, General and Young (born after 1996).

C1 – Landscapes
C2 – Birds
C3 – Mammals
C4 – Invertebrates
C5 – Other Animals
C6 – Vegetation + Fungi
C7 – Artistic and abstract
C8 – Human and Nature
  Christoph Ruisz, VTNÖ, Austria - White Beauty.  Winner 2016 Photograph of the Year 2016