The use of our hard earned images on Social Media.

By Adrian Langdon, UK

common dolphins with watermarkMany of us share our images with friends and groups of like-minded people on sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Flickr and it is good to get those pictures off the hard drives and into the world for their appreciation. This is often all there is to it and we get a few “likes” and some praise and everybody goes to bed happy. Other times things can go wrong and we find our photographs turning up in places that we never expected and often without our watermarks and even sometimes credited to others. This happened to me recently when a Facebook thread popped up advertising a Holiday company here in my native Cornwall but featuring one of my dolphin photos in its header. My photo had alongside of it a tagline “Feel free to download this photo by Adrian Langdon”. It had already attracted a couple of thousand downloads so I wrote in the comments section that they had ripped off my photo and it was copyrighted and how did they think they can get away with stealing others work! I then received a fair bit of abuse from people all over the world that had been following the website saying I was over-reacting etc. I did some Googling and finally tracked down their office and wrote them a formal e mail asking them to remove it and asked how they got it in the first place. Surprisingly they did reply and took the photo down from their site and told me that they had taken it from Flickr as they did virtually all their advertising photos saying that they considered them free to use if they were downloadable. I must admit that I didn’t really understand how the copyright preferences on Flickr worked and to this day I’m not sure what mine were set to as I immediately removed all of my images from their site. Taking a look at the site again I still find it difficult to ascertain how to get the most protection of my images, they don’t make it easy! I now try to watermark almost all of my images on social media unless they are so poor I needn’t worry about them. If people want an image enough they will still steal it and Photoshop out the watermark so it is worth considering if you wish to share that “shot of a lifetime”, although by keeping it hidden on your PC nobody else sees it at all…. and was that your original intention?


A floating hide can be bough or home-made. It should be at the same time light, to carry it around, and stable for your equipmen's safety. Some are created by covering a small boat where you can lie or even sit. Serge Deboffle gives you his tips for using the one he likes best, the very light, very mobile, small ones which hide the photographer and equipment while he/she walks on the bottom of the pond,  like to the one he has built for himself. 

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Hints from Finland

The golden and the necessary rules of hide photography

Commercial hides offer has increased and, as summer arrives, there comes the desire for sensations and images these hides can provide - sometimes for the first time. You can install your own bird or big animal hide, but you must first obtain the necessary authorisations.

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landscapes, wild life, animals and plants, forms and colours.

The BioArtVisual Association invite you to partecipate to 1st BioPhotoContest.
The edition 2014 will have the argument : The temperate forests.

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2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year Competition


The International Federation of Wildlife and Nature Photography invites our members of each association to participate in the 2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year Competition, open from 1st of May 2017 at zero hour to 10th of June 2017 at midnight.

The 2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year Competition is open to all participants officially registered in an IFWP association at the date of entry.

It is an online competition, the participants shall select and upload their images in this site:

All uploaded images must have been taken after 10th of June 2013 at midnight.

There are several categories for different disciplines in nature photography in which photographers of any age can participate and IFWP will announce a Category winner, and 3 Finalist in each category in both Editions, General and Young (born after 1996).

From the category winners the jury will chose the picture to be the 2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year in both Editions, General and Young (born after 1996).

C1 – Landscapes
C2 – Birds
C3 – Mammals
C4 – Invertebrates
C5 – Other Animals
C6 – Vegetation + Fungi
C7 – Artistic and abstract
C8 – Human and Nature
  Christoph Ruisz, VTNÖ, Austria - White Beauty.  Winner 2016 Photograph of the Year 2016

News from Natuur in Beeld (Netherlands)

Natuur in Beeld, from Netherlands, has new activities: 30th anniversary exhibition on 14 and 15 January

Next General Assembly


Dear IFWP Members,

As you probably all know now, the unanimous refusal to disband the IFWP has triggered reaction and motivated several of our Members’ members to volunteer to join the IFWP Council and be elected to form a new Board.

Be part of the birth of a new IFWP by making sure that your association casts its vote at the coming General Assembly Online 
Friday, January, 24:00 hour to Sunday, January 8 at 24:00 (Paris time) .

This very special general assembly has only one line to its agenda:

Four persons are ready to join the new Council and have applied to be elected as members of the Board in the following positions:

VICE PRESIDENT: PAL HERMANSEN (Norske Naturfotografer /Norway)
TREASURER: SVEND ERIK WEST HANSEN (NaturFotografer i Danmark, Denmark)

Three persons are ready to join the new Council as members
KARI LOIMU (Suomen Luonnonvalokuvaajat, Finland)

The IFWP’s future is in your hands, just make sure that only one person votes for you club.
To cast your association’s vote, please send back the attached document with your answers to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

KARLO PESJAK (PhotoNatura/ Sweden) remains member of the IFWP council and will be re-elected or replaced at next live GA according to the Council roster sent with last GA online agenda...

TAMAS PALFALVI, (PhotoNatura /Hungary) has recently sent his resignation from the Council. He will be replaced by Kari Loimu until the end of Tamas term (until next live GA, according to the Council roster sent with last GA online agenda.)

News from BVNF (Belgium)

From Belgium, new activities!


In the meanwhile the General Assembly is called to vote the new board, we have started making some work.

- Facebook. There is new Facebook page for news of the IFWP. This fanpage is administrated by our secretary Anita Campbell (Sweden) and our website coordinator Almudena Marcos (Spain): IFWP Fanpage

- Website and Facebook. A small team of 3 people is working now on the website updating news and making an inform for improving contents and sections.

- Teaching. We have 2 persons starting translating and proofing PDF articles to be uploaded on a special section in our website and facebook. This is starting with basic teaching but also advanced following José B. Ruiz Method of learning translated from spanish with more than 5 million downloads. It will be available from mid January: Un año de fotografía

- New clubs are following our developments:  ASCPF, AFNI, MONTPHOTO, AFONIB, ASAFONA, FONAMAD, RUWP - Allrussian All regional Union of wildlife photographers. VADON... Let´s wait until January to send them the info to become members.

- New document for members aceptation and fees. It will have a section in our website so that any club can check the fees and procedures. If any club needs it in advance it is now available.

- New guide for associations. Developed from AEFONA Spain this is in word, pdf and e-book format to download. The Spanish version is available at AEFONA website, but it is being proofed in English and soon available. It is plenty of advices for boards and members about how to manage an association, specially how to keep high hopes and work together for a common interest.

Please keep updated in our website and Facebook.

News from AEFONA (Spain)

We would like to share with you information about two photography contests and also more details about the AEFONA congress of this year in Antequera (Málaga).

At the end of October we have known the results of the prestigious French competition for nature photography "Montier Festival Photo". Up to 1,422 international photographers have participated and some AEFONA´s members are among the winners in different categories:

- Landscape category: Père Soler Isern,Miquel Artus Illana y Mario Suárez Porras.

- Nature as art: Andrés Miguel Domínguez.

- Other animals: Salvador Colvée Nebot

Please follow the link to see the winners and their work: Montier Festival Photo

The last 21 of October had place the meeting and faillure of the jury, corresponding to the awards of the photo contest of environment of Colmenar Viejo 2016, that has already with more than 25 years of history.AEFONA has an special award in the contest and the winner in this category was Katy Gómez López.

Please follow the link to see the winners:

And now, regarding our congress, finally we can confirm a lot of information on our guests, national and international, for the days 6 to 8 of December in Antequera (Málaga). 

As national photographers, we will listen to the speeches of Marina Cano, Andrés Miguel Dominguez, Salvador Colvée, Nicolás Resusens, Eduardo Blanco Mendizabal, Sergio Marijuan, Iñaki Larrea, Fran Rubia y Félix Fernández Calvillo.

As international photographers we will be able to listen to Jorge Silva from Mexico, Ole Jorgen from Norway, Ugo Mellone from Italy-Spain, Sergio Pedrero from Mexico and Jon Andoni Juárez from Berlin-Spain.

We are also organizing more activities to see and photograph the nature of around Antequera that will be at dawn and at night.

There will be as well two photography exhibitions from AEFONA, one at the hotel and the other one at the Town Hall of Antequera.

We will have book signing, our AEFONA merchandising store and lots of surprises! Do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information or help to assist to our XXIV AEFONA’s congress in Antequera (Málaga) from 6 to 8 of December.

Hereby you have a link to more detailed information: