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Welcome to the 37th IFWP Congress 2017 in Bocairent, Valencia, Spain, September 21-24, this year organized by the Spanish nature photography association AEFONA!


Please note that we had no offer to organize the congress from our members and finally we asked in short term AEFONA to organize it.


21 – 24 September, 2017.



Bocairent monumental village, Valencia.



We recommend you Alicante or Valencia airport and hiring a car to drive to Bocairent on Wednesday the 20th September. The congress Assembly and activities start on Thursday, the 21st. If you arrive in daylight, take a walk along the town and surroundings, it is safe and peaceful.




Airport Alicante. 88 km – 1h to Bocairent.

Airport Valencia. 104 km – 1h17 to Bocairent.




For few more than 20 euro/day you can hire a car at the airport. Similar prices in both airports.


We have a projection room where our new exhibition from the 2017 competition will be available. We will meet there on 21st at 10,00 h for our General Assembly and all the presentations will take place there. There is place for 100 participants but if we are much more we can move to the theatre with 300 pax as plan B.


This is our meeting point for Thursday the 21st at 10,00 h.

Meeting Point: Radio Bocairent (Google Maps)


It is the same building that Radio Bocairent but at street level. The name of the street is Diputat Castelló, 46880, Bocairente, Valencia.

We have also a small Bar inside for drinks and chating.


As Bocairent is a small, charming town, lodging is not in a huge hotel, but in small hotels, houses, rooms... The way we do it this year is that every group or person makes own reservations of accommodation depending on everyone´s budget. Proposals are of all prices in the list below. For meals is the same, although we will find a place to have meals together, you can either do on your own way to discover the village corners, or come with the group and pay your consumption.

The payment of the congress fee, 15 euro, covers the Saturday night dinner together to say goodbye to all friends and participants.

For any doubt you can contact:  Adelina Sánchez  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




A private land dedicated to conservation owned by a Foundation. With our congress we are helping financing their conservation and formation activities. The place has plenty of photo hides for different species built by professionals.

Cost of daily use of a hide is 30 euro per person but eagle and vultures hides which is 100 euro.

Hides reservation to be done after our general Assembly on Thursday 21st.


Hides for wildlife are...

-Mouflons 1.- Big wooden hide with spy glass. For 5 photographers. Place where the mouflons and some other animals use to go to feed and rest.  

-Mouflons 2.- Material hide with spy glass. For 2 photographers. Place for mouflons and possibilities of wild boars by night. Birds also as Partridges, Turtle doves...

-Small birds perching.- Wooden hide with spy glass. For 2 photographers. Easily 14 species a day including crested tit, crossbills, rock bunting...

-Birds with reflection.- Material hide with spy glass. For 2 photographers. Big water surface for reflections. Easily 12 species a day. Possibility of big surprises like wood pigeon, sparrow hawk...

-High speed feeder. Material hide. 1 camera with flashes and infrared beamer. At least 4 species: Robin, crested tit, big tit, coal tit...

-Bush hide. Material hide with spy glass. For 2 photographers. Specially for warblers and small birds from dry habitats.

-Eagle hide. Wooden hide with spy glass. For 1 photographer. Usually 2 golden eagles, couple. Very successful hide. Possibilities of more species unexpected.

-Vultures hide. Material hide with spy glass. For 2 photographers. Very successful hide. Possibilities of more species unexpected, usually eagles.

-Nocturnal fototrap for Genet. 3 sceneries. Cameras and flashes left all night.



Lots of macro possibilities just walking around the reserve in different habitats like bushes, old pine tree forests, cultivation fields, dragonflies and amphibians in huge pond... There are bee-hives also.



1.- Cava Arquejada. Minibus to reach the ancient dwell to store snow. Magnificent landscapes from a mountain and ancient human activity. Nocturnal workshop.

2.- Toll Blau. Small river and cascades very close to Bocairent. Short drive to Ull de Canals Information Centre and 700 m walk. Waterfalls and stream landscapes.



1.- Covetes dels moros (Caves of the moorish). Guided tour to caves in a rocky mountain where once were hidden people, food, goods. A labyrinth carved in the rock of tunnels and chambers from the X Century.


2.- Village tour. Guided walk through streets, squares and main buildings of this historical village.



Photo Exhibition in the projection room. Audiovisual with the finalist and awarded photos.

Ceremony of Awards where winners are revealed and few days later we communicate to the authors by email. We offer diplomas to those in the first position of each category.




THURSDAY 21-IX-2017  Congress room


10:00 h. - WELCOMING.

Authorities of Bocairent.

AEFONA welcomes the participants.




Signing the Assembly presence sheet.

Election of President, Secretary and scrutinizer of the General Assembly.

Determine the number of Members Present or Represented.

Determine Quorum and Majority.


  1. Vote on the Minutes of last year’s General Assembly.
  2. Vote on President’s report 2016.
  3. Vote on Financial report 2016.




  2. Projects, committees and activities 2017
  • Vote on projects.
  1. Budget 2017
  • Vote on budget 2017.




  1. Plans and budget for 2018.
  2. Question round
  3. Closing


13:00 h. - LUNCH TIME


14:00 h. -  PORTRAITS. Street photography and two models dressing fantasy from the typical villages´s parties.



IFWP Hides for conservation. Helping Foundations with nature photography.

Audiovisual and presentation. Victoria Laporta Foundation. Advices for the hides.

Audiovisual. Man and Nature Foundation.





Activities at the congress:  Macro. Landscape. Nocturnal. Cultural Visits.

Advices and development of the activities.


20:00 h. - DINNER

FRIDAY 22-IX-2017  Congress room


06:30 - 13:00 h. - Depart to hides and macro. Foundation Reserve. (Sunrise: 7:49 h.)

08:15 - 13:00 h. - Depart to Moorish Caves and town tour.


14:00 h. - LUNCH TIME


16:00 - 20:00 h. - Depart to hides and macro. Foundation Reserve.

17:00 - 02:00 h. - Depart Cava Arquejada. Minibus to reach the ancient dwell to store snow. Magnificent landscapes from a mountain and ancient human activity. Nocturnal workshop.

20:00 - 02:00 h. - Hide participants depart to Cava Arquejada. Minibus to reach the ancient dwell to store snow. Magnificent landscapes from a mountain and ancient human activity. Nocturnal workshop. From the reserve.

22.00 h. DINNER ON LOCATION. Please bring something for dinner, sandwiches, drinks...

SATURDAY 23-IX-2017  Congress room


06:30 - 13:00 h. - Depart to hides and macro. Foundation Reserve.

06:45 - 13:00 h. - Depart to Toll Blau stream.


14.00 h. - LUNCH TIME


17:00 h. Congress room.

IFWP 2017 Photo Competition. Winners and finalists. Diplomas and audiovisual.


18:00h. Congress room.

Associations and photographers presentations.

Associations max 15 min. Photographers max 5 min.


20:00 h. GROUP DINNER. Paid at the reservation fee.


22:00 - 23:00 h. Congress room.

Associations and photographers presentations.

Associations max 15 min. Photographers max 5 min.

SUNDAY 22-IX-2017  Congress room


06:30 - 13:00 h. - Depart to hides and macro. Foundation Reserve.

08:15 - 13:00 h. - Depart to Moorish Caves and town tour.


14:00 h. - LUNCH TIME. End of the congress.


A surprise gift for everyone in the congress and a special one for our foreign visitors, AEFONA Photo Book.


Hotel Estació. Tel: 962350000

(Beautiful place very well located. 13 rooms, Around 70 euro person/day)


Hotel l’Àgora. Tel: 962355039.

(Small hotel in a luxury house. 8 rooms. 50 euro person/day)


Casa rural la llar de Laura. Tel639520916.

(House to rent for small groups until 6 person. It can be very cheap, around 25 euro person/day)


Casa rural Gimeno. Tel: 717712373

(House for small groups in historical center. It can be very cheap, around 15 euro person/day)


Casa rural Mon Mossen. Tel: 654113225

(Amazing house for small groups in historical center, with some caves reformed as rooms. It can be very cheap, around 15 euro person/day)


Casa rural Sant Vicent. Tel: 660736774

(Very nice house with 6 double rooms at the main square of the town. Variety of prices, to be consulted.)


Casa rural el Canter. Tel: 699328779

(House with rooms at the old town. Around 20 euro person/day)


Casa rural Mirador. Tel: 678575488/645177888

(Charming house, well located. 25-55 euro person/day)


Zona de acampada Villa Carmen. Tel: 650202156

(Camping area close to the town for tents, caravans and rooms. From 50 euro double room per day).


Casa rural +Qi. Tel: 699094440

(The energy house, very special, peaceful and located in natural surroundings. From 100 euro person/day)


Casa rural Bekirent. Tel: 601044446

(House from 4-12 person. Around 20 euro person/day).


Casa rural Baretta.  Tel: 962905235/678575490

(House with apartments and rooms. 25-15 euro person/day)


Casa Rural Veles e Vents. Tel: 629611889

(Beautiful house with 3 double rooms, very well located)

Recommended for extra days in the area, closer to the natural reserve but not in the village of Bocairent:


Masía la Safranera. Tel: 639 681 717.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Youth hostel Ull de Canals. Tel: 96 556 65 31/ 619 856 179 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Casa Menchu. Tel: 637 043 898

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Casa Bons Aires. Tel: 660 666 768

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Masia el Parral. Tel: 676470062

(A huge ancient typical house with horses, natural surroundings... 12 km from the village of Bocairent, where the congress takes place.)


37th IFWP Congress

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Welcome to the 37th IFWP Congress 2017 in Bocairent, Valencia, Spain, September 21-24, this year organized by the Spanish nature photography association AEFONA!
We are proud to welcome you to the beautiful historical town of Bocairent for 4 days (Thursday-Sunday) of exciting nature photography activities. We are sorry that you are given this invitation on such short notice but this is due to the time it’s taken to assemble and make functional the new IFWP Board. We will certainly remedy this for the Congress in 2018. 
Very soon we will announce the full program for the IFWP Congress of 2017 and open the registration page at along with all required information associated with your visit; how to get to Bocairent from Alicante or Valencia airport, activities, work-shops, seminars, guided tours, General Assembly contents and the announcement of the winners of the IFWP nature photography competition.
The IFWP Congress registration fee is 15 euro which includes a common dinner on Saturday night, guided tours, access to the nature reserve and monuments, nocturnal workshops etc. Hide fees are 30 euro per person and day. For more info about the hides see:
Bocairent is a monumental village with about 4.000 inhabitants, with plenty of historical buildings and beautiful mountainous surroundings. Very close we have our hides of the Victoria Laporta Carbonell Foundation (for birds - including golden eagle and vultures - mufflon sheep, wild boar etc.), beautiful landscapes, enormous trees for nocturnal shots and nice habitats for insects and biodiverse flora. 
Photo taken at the hides of the Fundación Victoria Laporta

Board Meeting August 2017

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On the first days of August part of our board met in Alicante. We thank Victoria Laporta Foundation and Vicent Ferri for the use of the hides in part of he day. The board members Anita Campbell (Secretary), Pal Hermansen (Vice-president) and José B. Ruiz (President) reviewed the first 6 months of the new board, discussed and agreed about activities and future plans, and visited the room and councillor of Bocairent, in the province of Valencia, where our next congress in taking place. One of the most needed results is the implication of our members to make IFWP well known between their associates and also the benefits of being member, as the use of the hides in the program Hides for Conservation. It is becoming necessary to have a link and a brief about our Federation in every website of our members.



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Once the contest is closed, we are happy and grateful for the registered participation. More than two thousand pictures have been uploaded in all categories. Exactly two thousand and eleven photographs (2011) have been submitted to the contest in its eight categories.

By Associations, the Finnish Nature Photographers Association and the Polish one (ZPFP), have contributed with thirty four (34) competitors each. After them, the Spanish (AEFONA) with twenty three (23) and the Belgian (BVNF) with sixteen (16). The other member Associations have allocated the rest of participants, forty six (46) up to one hundred and three (153) photographers from thirteen (13) Associations and fifteen (15) nationalities.

The jury of the contest have already begun the first phase of the selection and we look forward to hearing the results of their deliberations.

Congratulations to all the members for the high participation and good luck!


IFWP Photograph of the Year Competition

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You can win a prize of 3.000€ in photographic gear in the General Edition. Young photographers can get a reward of 500€ in photographic gear or books in Young Edition (born after 1996).

The competition is open from 1st of May 2017 at zero hour to 10th of June 2017 at midnight to all participants officially registered in an IFWP association at the date of entry.

It is an online competition, the participants shall find the rules, select and upload their images in this site:

IFWP Pixall

All uploaded images must have been taken after 10th of June 2013 at midnight and the categories are:

C1 - Landscapes

C2 - Birds

C3 - Mammals

C4 - Invertebrates

C5 - Other animals

C6 - Vegetation and Fungi

C7 - Artistic and Abstract

C8 - Human and Nature

The Competition Managers of 2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year are a very compromised couple, AEFONA members, both nature photographers: Maruchi Morillo and Vicente González: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., this adress will be used to call for the original of the select photos. Add it to your contacts list to make sure you receive our emails without delay.


Newsletter IFWP

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Dear friends and companions, it is our pleasure to send you an IFWP newsletter again.

We expect from you, delegates, to make sure that our information reaches your members via Mail, Website news, Association Newsletter, Facebook of the association... It is important for our future to keep all informed and connected. Please contact to your respective board members or person in charge of sending/uploading news in your own associations.

We will welcome any news coming from our associations members and will upload to our website and Facebook pages. In some associations there is a person in charge of sending us a brief about their activities.

We have had some problems with our website. Our team has been solving them for some days. Our website is based in Joomla, not easy to find experts. Now is working fine. We are updating contents step by step.

  • Clubs welcome. We are very happy to welcome back ZPFP the Polish Association of Nature Photographers and to welcome a new one, AFEP, Pure State Photography Association, from Asturias Spain. We have more clubs about to come, just complimenting our requests.
  • Competition. It is planned to start in 1st May 2017 and end by 10th June 2017. Our rules have been reviewed and approved by the council, the categories extended to 8, the prizes highly improved and we are contacting the jury members and the manager of the competition. Very soon it will be announced and linked in our website and Pixall platform.
  • Congress. Expected to be at the end of September. We are still expecting some proposals of associations members to organize it.
  • Facebook pages. Thanks to Dirk Cleiren from Belgium (BVNF) we have now three Facebook pages, one more focused to spread our news from the website, another more participative for members sharing and one for the conservation group activities.           

       Fanpage IFWP

       Facebook Group IFWP Meetings

       Fanpage IFWP Conservaton

  • Teaching. Very soon we start to upload photographic lessons in our website. This is a free service to support all those photographers getting started and also those who want to keep growing. Is importatnt that this information reaches to all our individual members, who are the final users of the project.
  • Conservation. We start a new project called “Agreements for Conservation”. It has our council approval and is opened to all members for cooperation.
    The idea is to make special agreements with conservation Foundations and associations that own land in order to build hides and allow them to get income from our photographers. The requests are:
           - Land owned or managed by conservation initiatives.
           - They have to manage all permissions for photographing wildlife.
           - With stablished fixed prizes for the hides hiring we contribute to their incomes for conservation, helping them to preserve, buy more land...
           - Promote nature photography.
           - Promote the use between our members.
           - Special fees, conditions and discounts for our members.

    We are starting with Victoria Laporta Foundation, in Alicante, Spain. Soon there will be a complete article about species, hides, how to get there... Some of our     members from several countries have tried already the hides as they were in Alicante for holidays: Fundación Victoria Laporta


We hope this mail finds everyone ok. Best Wishes.





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From France, our colleagues to inform that ASCPF has renewed its Board. It is now composed of:

  • President: Franck Lesueur
  • Vice-presidents : Jean-Pierre Mériaux and Pascale Hervieu
  • Secretary : Loïc de la Rancheraye
  • Deputy secretary : Yvon Houzier
  • Treasurer : Marc Bia
  • Deputy treasurer : Gérald de Possesse

Congratulatios to new Board!!!




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Dear colleagues:
Since the beginning of the year a new team, led by Almudena Marcos (AEFONA), has begun to manage the IFWP website and social networks.
The beginnings have been difficult. As many of you have seen, during last weeks, our web has been down and, after a hard work, now it is already visible, clean and operational.
Our goal, shared by our new President Jose B. Ruiz, is that the website were the showcase and the voice of the Federation, your voice, and for this, we appreciate all the help you can give us.
A new email is available to send us any information, activity or proposal that you consider to be of interest to all, in order to publish them on social networks.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We appreciate the trust placed in us.

Congress 2017

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Dear all, 

The IFWP Congress is one of the classic and most appreciated activities of the IFWP that takes place every year. We want 2017 to be another memorable IFWP Congress year.  To learn more about the Congress please visit:

In the past 7 years the IFWP Congress meeting organizers, venues and dates were:

2010    30th Meeting. Czech Republic, Jeseniky Mountains, September 22-26. Org KFP
2011    31th Meeting. Austria, Tyrol, June 22-26.  Org VTNÖ  
2012    32th Meeting. Finland, Kuhmo, June 27-July 1.  Org FNPA
2013    33th Meeting. Poland, Biebrzansky NP, April 24-28.  Org ZPFP
2014    34th Meeting. France, Hauteluce - Savoie, June 18-22.  Org ASCPF
2015    35th Meeting. Spain, La Alberca, Salamanca, April 30-May 03.  Org AEFONA
2016    36th Meeting. Slovakia, High Tatras, June 1-6.  Org SAPF.

The IFWP Congress takes place in a different country each year, in an area chosen by the organizers, usually in a nature reserve or another place that captures the enthusiasm and interest of the nature photographers. It is important that the participants do have access to wildlife (hides or not), macro possibilities, landscape…etc.

Also we need a presentation room that can fit about 80 people, depending on the organizer´s plan for lectures and in addition for the IFWP General Board Meeting.

We suggest that September could be a plausible month in which to find meeting dates for the 2017 Congress, leaving enough time for the organizers to plan a program.

All clubs who have belonged to the IFWP for more than a year and are interested in holding the congress in their country please contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We would be delighted and are looking forward to receiving your suggestions.

Best wishes,
José Benito Ruiz
President IFWP

Anita Campbell
Secretary IFWP

News from AEFONA

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We hope all of you have had a fantastic start this New Year!


As it is usual, our colleague and friend, Francisco Martinez, writes the chronicles of our Congress every year.

You will find all the information of the national photographers invited: Marina Cano, Andrés Miguel Domingues, Salvador Colvée, Nicolás Resusens, Eduardo Blanco, Sergio Marijuan, Iñaki Larrea, Fran Rubia and Félix Fernández Calvillo. And the international photographers: Jorge Silva from Mexico, Ole Jorgen from Norway, Ugo Mellone from Italy-Spain, Sergio Pedrero from Mexico and Jon Andoni Juárez from Berlin-Spain.

As well, you can find lots of information on the activities that were held in Antequera those days.

We hope you enjoy reading these three articles with all the details for our XXIV AEFONA’s congress in Antequera (Málaga) 6-8th December 2016.



We are ready for the first AEFONA’S members meeting of this year 2017 and it will be in the Gallocanta Lagoon, Teruel, on the weekend of  24-26th February.

For those who don't know, Gallocanta is a lagoon without exit to the sea located about 1000 metres height, between the provinces of Teruel and Zaragoza. It is the largest salted lagoon of the Iberian Peninsula.

In those dates in February, the cranes begin to gather in the area to start their migration towards their territories of breeding.

It is a fantastic opportunity to meet and to enjoy nature with expert photographers from the area such as Carlos Pérez Naval, Pedro Javier Pascual and Uge Fuertes Sanz among others.

See the link below for more information:

-IRIS Agenda digital magazine.

Our Iris Agenda has arrived to number 18!

It has been fascinating to see it grow and learn while working on it and showing the variety and quality of the works that our members have shared all these years.

After last number, the Iris Agenda department will be taking some time off to renew, create new ideas and restructure the coordination and gain strength to continue.

Until our Iris Agenda is back again with the edition number 19, we invite you to enjoy the last number here:



We are very proud also to present AEFONA’s book Naturaleza Ibérica: cuatro estaciones de vida, a tour on our nature trough the four seasons of the year. Designed by Xavier Hita and corrected and final formatting by Marián Sáenz Diez.

The book has a total of 194 fantastic photographs from 144 photographers members of AEFONA, all in 216 pages of coated 150 grams paper. It includes a foreword from our president, Pablo Bou; an interesting introduction of the naturalist and public speaker Joaquín Araujo, naturalist winner of countless awards and collaborator of Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente; a beautiful and poetic introductory text to the different seasons written by Vicent Pellicer.

It will be ready soon ready on our online store:


-AFONIB Congress and AEFONA meeting in Ibiza island.

The AFONIB Congress will be held in Ibiza the days 28-30 of April and this year we organise as well with them the first AEFONA’s members meeting in Ibiza.

There will be a lot of activities to enjoy nature and photography, national speakers such as Javier Alonso, Joan Costa, Antonio Moreno, Kiko Arcas, Jordi Serapio and AEFONA’s president, Pablo Bou.

Please follow the link below for inscriptions and more information:


AEFONA is planning a lot more of activities and we will let you know soon!


For any updates in AEFONA’s news go to our webpage


Thank you!