Protect the wolf in Denmark

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Hello to everyone!


We would like to share with all of you a new group in Denmark created to protect the wolf in that country.


Svend Erik, from Denmark, tells us that the wolf is back in Denmark for the first time in 200 years and, as they are just 4-7 of them, it is urgent to protect them from those who want to hunt them, kill them or put them behind fences.


This new grupo aims to protect them and, in that way, allow them to stay free and wild in nature where they belong.



Please, follow the link bellow for more information and for supporting the cause.



Attention all IFWP members!

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Here are some of the activities, besides all the nature photography, we willl indulge in during the 38th IFWP Congress on Gotland.

Make sure to register to the following e-mail adress: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will visit the lovely Lars Jonsson the 25th of August on southern Gotland, and have coffee or tea in his rose garden after seeing his exhibition

Lars Jonsson is Swedens most loved and respected bird painters. His bird guide is in the book shelf of every bird interested Swede's home. Here is one example of his art.
We will visit the summer place of the famous Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman the 24th of August, and have dinner in the Bergman Museum before hitting the coastline during sundown for sea stack photography.
For more information go to the following link:
If you arrive a day earlier, 22/8, you can catch our X-tra excursion to the spectacular bird island of Stora Karlsö. We will stay one night in the light-house area seen on the picture.
Three course dinner and breakfast will be included in the price.
Please go to
for more pictures and information.

Program for the 38th Congress on Gotland, Sweden

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22 August 

Early arrivals to Holmhällar

Activity 1:

Free photography all day


Lunch and dinner at Holmhällar


Activity 2:

Separate trip to Stora Karlsö. - Boat leaves 14:00 from Klintehamn. Bus takes you from Visby/airport to Klintehamn at 13:00. Photography. Three course dinner. Photography. Accommodation by the lighthouse.


23 August  

Activity 1:

Free morning photography for early arrivals.


Breakfast and lunch at Holmhällar or to go.


Activity 2:

Morning photography on Stora Karlsö, breakfast and return trip by boat to Klintehamn at 10:30 am.

Bus to Holmhällar from Klintehamn.

New arrival to Holmhällar with bus from Visby.


Dinner at Holmhällar and welcome!


Activity 1

Evening photography with a guide.***

Activity 2:

Sunset photography with filters and nocturnal workshop with José Benito Ruiz.*


24 August

Breakfast at Holmhällar or to go.


Activity 1:

Photography around Holmhällar and southern Gotland with a guide.***


Lunch and dinner at Holmhällar.


Activity 2:

Full day and evening trip to Visby. and Fårö

Bus to Visby (1,5 h). Lunch and visit for 2-3 hours. Bus continues to the island of Fårö and the Ingmar Bergman Center. Tour of the museum and a light dinner. Bus to the stone fields for photography before and at sundown. Bus to Holmhällar (3 hrs, opportunity to get some sleep on the bus:)).


25 August

Breakfast and lunch at Holmhällar or to go.


Early morning photography-landscape with a guide.***

Free time photography.

Visit and coffee at the Lars Jonsson Museum** (14:00-16;30). Hopefully Lars Jonsson will give us an overview of the nature of southern Gotland and guide us in his museum while we drink coffe in his beautiful rose garden.


Gala dinner with speakers, etc. Presentation of the "new" IFWP by José Benito Ruiz, president of the IFWP.


Activity 1:

Evening phography with a guide.***

Activity 2:

Sunset photography with filters and nocturnal workshop with José Benito Ruiz.*


26 August

Breakfast and lunch at Holmhällar or to go.


Activity 1 & 2:

Early morning photography on southern Gotland with a guide.***


Closing of the Congress.


Bus to the Visby ferries and airport.


*   José Benito Ruiz - President of the IFWP.

**  Lars Jonsson - World reknown bird painter

*** A guide will join you


LInks to follow for more information


Visby: Fårö


Stora Karlsö:ö Bergmancentret


Lars Jonsson: Museet



A word of note

Please inform your individual members and keep an eye in our website and Facebook pages. Very soon you will habe the full information and booking page activated.


***Tentative names of some of those who may function as guides for one or more groups are, besides José Benito Ruiz (President of the IFWP, Spain), Pål Hermansen (Vice President, Norway) and Brutus Östling (PhotoNatura, Sweden).




38th Congress 2018

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New platform for young photographers

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Last January a new platform for young nature photographers was born thanks to 4 people who are deeply connect to photography and nature: Mónica Busquets, Jon A. Juarez, Sergio MarijuánandAdelina Sánchez.

This platform aims to promote respect and love for our environment, but also discovering and showing all its treasures and biodiversity through the photos taken by the upcoming photographers.



Youngnaturephotographers seeks a virtual space via an online community, as well as a platform to facilitate connections and meetings among all members. We want to support the discovery of new environments and the development of creativity and artistic sensibility without forgetting all environmental and conservationist values.


Today our community is based on social media, with Instagram as our busiest platform. Every day @youngnaturephotographers publishes one of the many posted photos by our members (#youngnaturephotographers)



Some of the most active members are: Paloma Lario, Lluc Semis, Marc and Laura Albiac, David Guisande, Sabin Infante, Victor Ortega (Spain), Laurent Dumas (France), Toby Pickard (UK), Ashleigh Scully, Carolina Fraser (USA), Ingo Zahlheimer (Germany), Sara Skidell (Sweden), ... among the almost 700 members.


Besides the daily posts, there are ruffles backed by our partners. To participate one has to be 25 or younger and label their photos with our hashtag. All the photos posted from our members are shown also on Facebook, a very interesting platform full of shared articles and





Right on top of our ToDo list there is a new website for our community and a first international meeting planned for this autumn in Berlin (Germany).


Younger than 25 or not we are gonna be happy if you follow us!


Info and contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Welcome to ASNP

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We are very proud to welcome the Association of Slovenian Nature Photographers to our IFWP!!!


The Association was founded on April 5, 2017 in Ljubljana, where is based.


The Association of Nature Photographers of Slovenia encourage the photographers to improve nature photography and take care of nature conservation.


The purpose of the association is to promote and popularize author nature photography and to create a positive attitude to it, with pictures of nature in society organizing photo contests, exhibitions, screenings and conferences among photographers, to increase interest and make this style of photography more popular and, at the same time, increasing the formation of the members of the association and the community in general.


Until February 15, you have time to participate in their contest Nature Photography of the Year. And, if you want to know our new colleagues much better, this is their website:


We hope you will develop your projects with us and do not hesitate to suggest us any initiative for makig our Federation stronger. 


Welcome ASNP!!!




The Nature Photography of the Year from Slovenia

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The contest Magical Nature The Nature Photography of the Year is hosted by Association of Slovenian Nature Photographers. 

The aim of the competition is to show and promote unknown wonders and beauty of the Nature, it stunning diversity, in order to be better understood and more appreciated by the people. With this contest we would also like to show, how powerful can nature photography be when reaching for this aims. The nature is one and the only and we crucially depend on it. The contest is open to amateur as well as professional photographers from around the world. Participants will be asked to submit maximum 20 photos in six categories:

1. Mammals,
2. Birds,
3. Other animals,
4. Plants including lichens, mushrooms, etc.,
5. Natural Landscapes,
6. Man and nature (examples of positive or negative influence of man on nature).

Among received photos international jury of renowned nature photographers will select 10 from each category, a winning photography for each category and an overall winner photography, receiving a title “Nature photography of the year”. Among entrants from Slovenia jury will select one overall winner photography receiving the title “Slovenian nature photography of the year«. All selected photos will be presented on exhibition traveling across Slovenia and in a 250x210 mm book, which will be received by each participant of the contest. Best photographers will receive a prize money. Results will be presented on award ceremony.

Closing date: January 31, 2018


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-INFORMATION FLOW. We expect that our information reaches the members via Mail, Website news, Association Newsletter, Facebook of the association... It is important for our future to keep all informed and connected. Please contact to your respective board members or person in charge of sending/uploading news in your own association website.

-NEWS FROM YOU ARE WELCOME. We will welcome any news coming from our associations members and will upload to our website and Facebook pages. In some associations there is a person in charge of sending us a brief about their activities.

-FREE WORKSHOP. We offered a free workshop in one of our Hides for conservation. Man and Nature Foundation have special hides for vultures, kites, birds, nocturnal mammals... We will offer again for 2018.

-COMPETITION RULES REVIEW. We send to all delegates our next competition rules to be reviewed. We expect that everyone reviews and proposes changes if necessary.

-MANAGER FOR OUR 2018 PHOTO COMPETITION. We start looking for a volunteer to handle the competition. Our last managers will inform about the schedule and duties.

-LOOKING FOR A CONGRESS HOST. We sent some weeks ago the call to hold our 2018 congress and even a proposal to offer for 2019. No member has still contacted for this matter.

-TECHING ONLINE. As promised we have a new section in our website. First lesson has been uploaded and more are coming.

-NEW MEMBER CONTACTING. A new Slovenian association has contacted IFWP to be informed about steps and duties to become a member.

-VISIONS OF NATURE IN POLAND. Our delegate Dorota Kycia has kindly invited our president of IFWP José B. Ruiz to make a presentation at the festival and to have the chance to know more about the Polish association of Nature Photographers, members and aims. It will take place weekend 17-19 November. We thank very much this chance.


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We are proud to inaugurate the section Teaching in our website. It is a learning method with a great success in Spain and South America. Maybe you will know part of it, but anyhow it is good to review and soon more contents are going to be uploaded, including new articles and composition theories. First lesson is qualities of light. Improve your photography here.

2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year Results

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The online  competition was opened from 1st of May 2017 at zero hour to 10th of June 2017 at midnight.

We had 8 categories covering the subjects and sceneries from the natural world as well as artistic expressions and the relationship between human and nature.

We had the highest prizes ever this year, 3.500 euro.The overall winner in General Edition obtains a reward of 3.000 euro in photographic gear. The winner in Young Edition (born after 1996) will get a reward of 500 euro in photographic gear or books.



We are so grateful to PHOTOPILLS APP as they have sponsored the competition prizes. 



More than 2.000 images have been submitted from 14 countries, being Finland, Poland and Spain the most participative countries. Birds, landscape and artistic are the categories with more pictures presented, more than 300 in each of them. By associations the most participative has been the Finnish Nature Photographers Association, close followed by the Polish Nature Photographers Union ZPFP and also AEFONA from Spain.



Per Finn Nielsen. Denmark.

Chris Gomersall. UK.

Clay Bolt. USA.



We had two dedicated volunteers to manage the competition, Maruchi and Vicente,who have done a GREAT JOB. Without their assistance it couldn´t have been done. We all should thank them for this. Those are their words:


“We want to highlight the quality and respect for nature of this competition. We had a high number of entries although it was restricted to IFWP members. From our point of view the quality standard of the submitted images has been very good and so the selecting and judging process has taken a long time, as they reviewed and evaluated all the pictures. Our work as managers has been very much helped by the digital platform Pixall, a tool easy for both, participants and managers, intuitive to control all data and photos, the juries decissions and the real status of the cometition in every stage. The relationship with the juries has been very constant and they have always been at disposal for any request, small difficulties have found a fast solution.

We want to thank the work and keen accesibility of the jury and also the help from José Pesquero as Pixall platform developer.”

Maruchi and Vicente.



We thank José Pesquero and his platform for competitions online Pixall for the great help holding our IFWP 2017 Wildlife Photograph of theYear: 



An indoor exhibition has been produced and will be shown in the 37th IFWP congress in Bocairent, Valencia, Spain.

We have produced an audiovisual with the four finalist per category to be hold in Vimeo and shared. 





C1 – Landscapes. Jyrki Lehto. Autumn colors.

C2 – Birds. Óscar Díez. Shadows in the saline.


C3 – Mammals. Ingrid Vekemans. Baby Gorilla.

C4 – Invertebrates. Roman Korlaga. Sieckolorov.

C5 – Other Animals. Waldemar Gras. Anguis fragilis.

C6 – Vegetation&Fungi. Elisabeth Liljenberg. Forest dweller.

C7 – Artistic&abstract. Hakan Liljenberg. Silouette.

C8 – Human &Nature. Anna Liisa Pirhonen. Fox cub.

Young Edition. Lasse Kurkela. Autumn morning.






2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year Competition. Adult Edition:

Óscar Díez. Spain. AEFONA.

Shadows in the saline. Cash prize 3.000 euro.



2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year Competition. Young Edition:

Lasse Kurkela. Finland. FNPA Soumen Luonnonvalokuvaajat

Autumn morning. Gear and booksprize 500 euro.


























From our council we congratulate all the participants, the category winners as well as the overall winners.