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The contest Magical Nature The Nature Photography of the Year is hosted by Association of Slovenian Nature Photographers. 

The aim of the competition is to show and promote unknown wonders and beauty of the Nature, it stunning diversity, in order to be better understood and more appreciated by the people. With this contest we would also like to show, how powerful can nature photography be when reaching for this aims. The nature is one and the only and we crucially depend on it. The contest is open to amateur as well as professional photographers from around the world. Participants will be asked to submit maximum 20 photos in six categories:

1. Mammals,
2. Birds,
3. Other animals,
4. Plants including lichens, mushrooms, etc.,
5. Natural Landscapes,
6. Man and nature (examples of positive or negative influence of man on nature).

Among received photos international jury of renowned nature photographers will select 10 from each category, a winning photography for each category and an overall winner photography, receiving a title “Nature photography of the year”. Among entrants from Slovenia jury will select one overall winner photography receiving the title “Slovenian nature photography of the year«. All selected photos will be presented on exhibition traveling across Slovenia and in a 250x210 mm book, which will be received by each participant of the contest. Best photographers will receive a prize money. Results will be presented on award ceremony.

Closing date: January 31, 2018