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37th  IFWP  CONGRESS, 2017.

DATES:  21 – 24 September, 2017.
The congress took place in a great companionship ambiance, due to a low participation was a low cost, optimum activities one.
We had 24 participants, as foreign visitors 6 members of Cornwall Wildlife Trust Photographic Group, UK, and 2 from Zwiazek Polskich Fotografow Przyrody, Poland. The rest were AEFONA members and volunteers.
All times it was possible we had lunches and dinners together and, after the first day, moved to the reserve of the Foundation Victoria Laporta for the hides photo opportunities.


THURSDAY 21-IX-2017  Congress room.
Welcoming to the participants from the Authorities of Bocairent, the Major of Bocairent, Mr. Vicente Ferre and the councillor of the environment, Mr. José M. Beneyto. They made our visit very special, with the free street session of the models, the free visits to the town and caves, free congress room, coffee and snacks... we are very gratefull to them.
Welcoming from the organizers, AEFONA and IFWP.
Our president, José B. Ruiz opens the Assembly informing that NO votation is going to be due to the lack of presence and representation from the members.

Updating information to members.
Our president started informing about the begining of the new council, some bureaucratic delays, problems with the website...
Board report.
The report was presented to our members, showing our priority for 2017-2018, the board meeting in Spain some months ago, the works in our website and future improvements, our succeding facebook fanpages, the loss and increase of members, important meetings with GDT board member, the presentation of IFWP at Glanzlichter festival...
We also saw the competition Exhibition, the main prizes and runner up, we had the exhibition printed in good quality and nice size, 40 cm in longer side. Also we have a show with them for our next youtube channel, soon available. We had the highest prizes ever this year, 3.000 euro for the absolute winner and 500 for the Young edition winner. Finally thanks to PHOTOPILLS APP that has sponsored, it will be cash for the adult winner and books for the young winner.
About the congress we thank ASCPF for sending a high class presentation. 
We discussed about the succes of the campaign hides for conservation and next december meeting at Salamanca for the vultures and raptors hides.
About teaching, is a matter of hours that we start in our website and communication tools, thanks to our webmaster Almudena who was in the congress as well as our competition managers Maruchi and Vicente.
To be improved was one of the last subjects we talk about, specially the online Assembly, the increase of consultation to our association members, to shedule activities with more time… Soon you´ll receive the invitation to host our next 38th congress.
The last subject was Economy. We are doing well, we have now more than 5.000 euro and still have some income to arrive.

Report 37th Congress pdf
It was very exciting on thursday afternoon, after having luch alltogether, to have 2 girls models and 1 dancer dressing typical from Bocairent.


Hides and activities.
Hides were the main attraction, plenty of photographers took pictures of the crossbills, the crested tits, the golden eagle, mouflons... We spent full days at the reserve having fun.
Also the nocturnal picture was fun, even the night was not the best one we could learn some techniques.


It was Saturday afternoon that we all met at the congress room for the presentations show. We saw our friends from ASCPF with their stunning selection, AEFONA dynamic nature, and several individual photographers audiovisuals.
After this we went to have diner together to a nice restaurant and we could chat and laugh together.


Some of our guests extended their stay for some days and we did our best to attend them.