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The IFWP is an International Federation of associations founded in 1978. We welcome associations dedicated to nature photography and with an special interest in conservation. We promote very much the interchange of information between associations, enjoying activities together, teaching and learning all nature photography disciplines, making conservation projects, helping with solidarity actions, promoting ethics... We hold every year a congress meeting where we learn, photograph and have a board meeting. We also have a photo competition and several activities.

We have no individual members. If you want to share our activities as an individual, you should contact our nearest IFWP member association.
If there is no IFWP association in your country and you cannot find an association to join that intends to be member of IFWP, then maybe you know other passionate nature and wildlife photographers who like to share on their passion, then don´t hesitate and create an association. Creating an association is easy and IFWP will help you. To tell us about your project please contact us here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you already belong to a wildlife and nature photographers' association which is not yet a member of IFWP, contact you club's administrative board, show them our site and Facebook pages and share with them the reason why IFWP can be of interest to your club's members. The IFWP is at the service of its member associations and welcomes all nature photo associations concerned with nature's preservation, having an ethical approach of nature photography and working to better the quality of its members' photography to better serve the knowlegde and appreciation of nature.

Access to IFWP is not limited to one association per country. Because of distances, because of specialization (professional or non-professional) access to IFWP is open to several associations from the same country.

Step 1.- A representative of your association sends to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a mail with the request to join the IFWP and an english version of the statutes and what concerns to ethic statements.

Step 2.- The council reviews the request and decides whether to accept the new club.

Step 3.- The treasurer of the IFWP sends the fee for the association to be paid according to the numbers of individual members it has (see examples). As soon as the transfer is received we welcome the club.


Our members pay a fix yearly amount of 98 euro.
To this is added a fee per member in the association calculated as follows:

Fixed fee: 98 euro
Less than 100 members pay 0,49 euro per member.
From 100 members up pay 0,49 euro for the first 100 members plus 0,12 euro per extra member.
If the total fee per member is more than 5 euro the fee is reduced to a maximum of 5 euro per member (to protect small clubs).


-Club of 110 members, not organizing the congress:
Fee is 98 € + 100 x 0.49 € + 10 x 0.12 = 98 + 49 + 1.20 = 148.20 €
1.35 € per member, below the 5 € maximum.

-Club of 300 members, which is the year’s congress host:
Fee is 0 € + 100 x 0.49 € + 200 x 0.12 € = 49 + 24 = 73 €.
73 / 300 = 0.24 € per member, below the 5 € maximum.

-Club of 10 members, not organizing the congress:
Fee = 98 € + 10 x 0.49 + 0 x 0.12 = 98 + 4.90 + 0 = 102.90 €
102.90 / 10 = 10.29 per member, so the fee is reduced to 10 x 5 = 50 €

Each year, one of our members organizes the Congress, a gathering of 45 – 80 people (so far), from Wednesday (day of arrival) to Sunday (day of departure) in or near a place of interest to nature photographers. Attendees pay their own fare and stay, but the organizing Association is thanked for their efforts by waving their fixed fee for that year.

Members who join the Federation in the second semester of the year pay only half fee.

Fees are normally invoiced in December and should be paid by January 30.

Our Bank details:
Bank: Le Crédit Coopératif, Nanterre, France
IBAN FR76 4255 9000 6941 0200 4011 875