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Heike Odermatt (Netherlands), Marc Steichen (Luxemburg) and Winfried Wisniewski (Germany)



Overall Winner

Marcin Lenart, ZPFP, Poland – Na głuszcowym blikowisku (Capercaillie in a field of flares)


Category 1 – Birds

1st prize - Marcin Lenart, ZPFP, Poland - Na głuszcowym blikowisku (Capercaillie in a field of flares)


2nd prize -Gerhard Kummer, VTNÖ, Austria


3rd prize - Mateusz Matysiak, ZPFP, Poland, Rodzinna łódka (family boat)


Category 2 Mammals

1st prize - Herfried Marek, VTNÖ, Austria


2nd prize -Márk Klemanovits, FNH, Hungary


3rd prize - Krzysztof Wojciechowski, ZPFP, Poland


Category 3 - Insectes & Arachnids

1st prize ex aequo - Marek Mierzejewski, ZPFP, Poland



1st prize ex aequo Günther Gailberger, VTNÖ, Austria


3rd prize - Erwin Pils, VTNÖ, Austria



Category 4 - Other Animals


1st prize - Xavier Mas Ferrá, AEFONA, Spain


2nd prize ex aequo - Małgorzata Książkiewicz, ZPFP, Poland


2nd prize ex aequo - Paweł Niemiec, ZPFP, Poland


2nd prize ex aequo - Xavier Mas Ferrá AEFONA, Spain


Category 5 - Plants & Fungi


1st prize - Lech Jędras, ZPFP, Poland, Wyspa (Island)


2nd prize -Karin Rollett-Vlcek, VTNÖ, Austria, Crocus vernalis


3rd prize - Håkan Lijenberg, PNS, Sweden, Benved (Euonymus)



Category 6 - Landscapes


1st prize - Nicholas Roemmelt, VTNÖ, Austria - Mobius arch


2nd prize - Pere Soler Isern, AEFONA, Spain, The Hunting


3rd prize - Franz Kovacs, VTNÖ, Austria, Nature Reserve Fanes, Austria



Category 7 - Composition & Forms


1st prize -Jerzy Dolata, ZPFP, Poland - Mrówcza secesja (Art Nouveau of an ant)


2nd prize - ex aequo Norbert Kaszás, FNH, Hungary - Repulsion


2rd prize ex aequo - Jarmo Manninen

FNPA, Finland - Metso (Capercaillie)



IFWP Young Photographers Portfolio of the Year 2014


Jakub Mrocek, SAFP, Slovakia




Bright colours




Evening hunt


2 in 1




Mating season


New antlers








Statistics: 350 pictures accepted from 149 photographers from 11 associations. Thank you all for participating!