Can individuals become member of the IFWP ?
- IFWP is a federation of nature photo associations. Individuals can not become member. If there is no suitable association in your area, why not start your own ?

Can associations outside European become member of IFWP ?
- Yes, we are international, nature photo associations from outside Europe are very welcome.

What languages are used in IFWP ?
- English is our common language, French is our official language, mainly used for dealing with the autorities ; The IFWP is a French association registered in Paris.

Does IFWP accept associations for digiscoping ?
- Yes, all forms of nature photography are welcome.

Is IFWP part of another organisation ?
- No, IFWP is completely independent, politically neutral.

Is IFWP a non-profit organisation ?
- Absolutely !

What if I have another question ?
- Please use the contact page to ask your question and we will send you the answer by email and post the answer here.